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Request a training for your organization.

We facilitate trainings and workshops for higher education institutions, direct service providers, and technologists who wish to learn about technology abuse. This is not for requesting direct service or assistance for individuals experiencing abuse, and we unfortunately do not have the capacity to respond to such requests. Your organization can request a training by filling out this link. 

CETA Trainings and Workshops Request Form.

Access our free resources. 

The below resources are free to download and use. We use many of them as part of our Computer Security Clinic for IPV survivors in New York City. 

If you are looking for resources on starting or maintaining your own technology abuse clinic, then visit the Technology Abuse Clinic Toolkit site.

Our step-by-step how-to guides can be especially useful for providing help remotely.

Step-by-step How-to Guides
Compiled by CETA Volunteers
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