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We need your help! |

The Clinic to End Tech Abuse (CETA) directly helps survivors experiencing technology abuse, creates resources, trains support workers, builds technology tools, and carries out cutting-edge academic research. We are part of Cornell University, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and need your help to keep doing our vital work.

Your support helps us do all we do, especially maintaining our service for vulnerable survivors and creating new knowledge about tech-enabled abuse. We have a lean staff and volunteer corps that carries out all of CETA’s activities, and your contribution will support our service delivery, trainings, advocacy, and research.  

Funding for our volunteers, affiliated faculty, and graduate students comes from a range of sources including individual and corporate gifts, competitive grants, and Cornell Tech. We review all corporate and large individual donations ($10,000 USD or more) to ensure consistency with CETA’s values, and we only accept unrestricted funding from corporations.

If you, your company, or your organization are interested in supporting CETA, please visit our donation page or reach out to CETA co-founders Nicola Dell and Thomas Ristenpart. Your support is what enables CETA’s groundbreaking work.

Industry sponsorships |

In addition to providing direct support to survivors, CETA serves as a bridge between tech companies, civil society organizations, and others sharing our mission. Together, we can ensure that technology empowers those working to end tech abuse. 

To enable this mission, we seek industry sponsors to help support CETA’s ground-breaking activities. 

Industry sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Listing as a supporter of CETA on our website and in other CETA materials where appropriate. 

  • Early access to research results. (All of our work is eventually made public.)

  • Access to CETA’s experts, who work every day with survivors of tech abuse. Our experts can help answer questions about how abusers are misusing tech or how new features might impact survivors, and we can also discuss more extensive collaborations. 

  • Assistance with development of recruiting pipelines, including prioritized job or internship openings to CETA volunteers and students.

  • Access to a low-volume CETA mailing list with regular updates from our Director about the latest survivor support initiatives, trends in tech abuse, and research. 

  • One or more representatives from your company or organization can participate in our planned quarterly Frontiers of Tech Abuse working group meetings with CETA and our network of advocates, experts, and others. 

  • Potential to schedule presentations by CETA experts to educate your employees on tech abuse.

Our suggested sponsorship donation is $30,000 per year, but almost any amount will be useful for supporting CETA’s activities. All potential sponsors are screened to ensure that they align with CETA’s values. Inquiries should be sent to CETA co-founders Nicola Dell and Thomas Ristenpart

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