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Values |

CETA’s mission is to end tech abuse. We guide our work and partnerships by the following principles:

  • We believe everyone should be free to use technology without fear of harm from abusive partners or others.

  • We believe and respect survivors. When we provide them with advice, we aim to help give them the information they need to make their own decisions. We honor the fact that survivors know their own situations best.

  • We aim to serve survivors from all walks of life and are committed to being inclusive and culturally competent. We are sensitive to the needs, desires, and perspectives of all groups of people.

  • We embrace human rights and believe everyone deserves equal rights and dignity.

  • We recognize intersectional discrimination and abuse, and seek to end them.

  • We are collaborative and strive to create strong, equal partnerships with other organizations. We value the expertise of all IPV professionals -- and survivors.

  • We believe larger societal problems such as racism, economic injustice, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia, ableism, and agism contribute to intimate partner violence. We expect everyone involved in CETA to embrace the importance of equality and justice.

  • We believe accountability is an important part of justice for survivors. We are committed to ensuring that no one uses involvement with our clinic as a way to avoid accountability for abuse.​

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